May 2023

Launch Twitter and Website:
Establish a strong online presence to engage with the community and provide essential project information.

Team Doxxed:
Introduce the team members, their expertise, and their commitment to transparency.

Token Launch

May 2023

Token Pre-sale:
Offer early investors the opportunity to secure $BANK tokens at a discounted rate, building initial liquidity and support.

Token Launch:
One day after pre-sale, officially release $BANK tokens to the public, allowing broader participation and trading on selected platforms.

Holder Airdrop

Mid to Late July 2023

Holder Drop:
Reward loyal $BANK holders with a special distribution, demonstrating our commitment to community appreciation.



DAO NFT mint:
Introduce the exciting DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) NFT minting process, empowering community members to actively participate in shaping the project's future and governance.

Board Game


Launch the innovative CNFTOPOLY game, merging the concepts of crypto and NFTs with the popular Monopoly gameplay mechanics. Engage the community, promote interaction, and create a unique gamified experience for $BANK holders and Crypto Community.