A strong Cardano token backed by a team of NFT enthusiasts.

Who is the team?

Group of Cardano NFT enthusiast and whale investors. We came together to form an alpha group months ago. Our intention has always been to support the community and idea share around the best builders in this community.

Why are we creating a token?

We are creating a token to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the meme coin season. Our logo and branding reflect this vibrant community-driven spirit. Our goal is to not only capture the excitement but also provide sustainable long-term value to our holders. By leveraging our presence in the greater CNFT marketplace, we aim to create a token that combines the momentum of meme coins with opportunities for broader engagement and value creation.

How are we different?

What sets us apart is our unique approach to combining the energy of meme coins with a focus on long-term sustainability. While we embrace the enthusiasm of meme coin culture, we also recognize the importance of building a strong foundation and offering tangible value to our holders. By leveraging our presence in the CNFT marketplace, we aim to provide opportunities for community engagement, innovation, and growth beyond the initial excitement. Our commitment to transparency, active development, and rewarding our community sets us apart in the crypto landscape.


We are doxxed by Block Investment Group!